Graduate Studies

The School of Music offers a Master of Music degree in five areas of concentration. This degree is designed to enhance students’ teaching, performing, research, and creative abilities in music. Those pursuing this degree have the opportunity to concentrate in: performance (instrumental, jazz studies, keyboard or voice), composition, conducting, music education, or music therapy.


Jazz Studies Graduate Curriculum

View within the WMU Academic Graduate Catalog (Use the pull down menu in the upper part of the screen to select the Graduate Catalog.)

Applying for Graduate Studies in Music

  1. Complete a Graduate Admission Application to Western Michigan University. This includes sending transcripts to Graduate Admissions and the School of Music (there is no additional application to the School of Music).
  2. Arrange an interview/audition with appropriate faculty if you are applying for composition, conducting, music therapy, or performance degrees.
  3. Complete a Graduate Assistantship application if you’d like to be considered for a GA position. Not all GA positions are available each year, so check with appropriate faculty for availability. GA applications do require letters of recommendation and the completion of Graduate Program Reference forms by 3 individuals. The deadline for GA applications is February 15.

Contact the Graduate Advisor with questions about the admissions process.