Podcasting Frequently Asked Questions

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a way of publishing podcasts to the Web. Podcasts are media files that are distributed over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

What product has WMU chosen to support podcasting?

WMU was selected by Apple to be part of their iTunes U. Apple makes it very easy, via iTunes for people to download podcasts, or to play them within iTunes on their computer.

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a free, hosted service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to their educational content, including lectures and interviews, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a faculty member uploads to iTunes, who owns the podcast?

Copyright of recordings or courses, course presentations, computer-assisted instructional content, course content developed, or other digital materials created by the faculty member(s) shall be owned by the faculty member(s). Further, the faculty member who creates the course content materials ... shall determine whether the material should be revised or withdrawn from use. See 30.§5 and 30.§5.1 of the AAUP contract for the entire text regarding Intellectual Property.

Who controls access to the podcasts?

Faculty members request a type of iTunes course to meet their desired access requirements, thus controlling the access to their own content.

Is it easy for a student to access the podcasts?

Yes, as noted above, most people already have the software installed to allow them to listen to podcasts.

Are mobile devices required to use iTunes U?

No. The content provided by iTunes U is delivered through the iTunes application that is a free download available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Once installed, users play content within iTunes.

Is it easy for a faculty member to upload a podcast?

Yes, automated tools have been created for them to easily upload a podcast using iTunes U.

What else does a faculty member need to use this technology?

A computer, a microphone, and access to the Internet are all that is needed to upload a podcast.

Are resources available to faculty for assistance with developing podcasts?

IT staff resources and a lab with appropriate software and hardware are available. Please contact media services at (269) 387-5020 for more information.

Are there workshops available to learn more about podcasting?

No. We have found one-on-consultations more effective. Please call media services at (269) 387-5020 to schedule your consultation.

Are faculty members required to go through media services to use this technology?

Only initially. Once the courses have been set up, automated tools are available to utilize this technology without intervention. Media Services staff, however, are available for faculty members who require assistance. Please contact(269) 387-5020 if you need more information.

Can we have a "public side" account?

  • Yes. Go to http://itunes.wmich.edu 
  • Login to WMU on iTunes U with your Bronco NetID and password.
  • Choose Request Public Course and follow instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact David Evans at (269) 387-5063.

Do I have to pay to access WMU on iTunes?

No. iTunes U at WMU is a free service.

What kinds of files can I create on iTunes U?

iTunes U supports video files (QuickTime movie, mpg4), audio (mp3, aiff) and PDFs. As an instructor, you can create audio or video tutorials that are supported by print materials in the PDF format.

Can I access WMU on iTunes U directly without first opening a browser?

No. WMU on iTunes U is in a special section so there are no links to it from the iTunes Music Store. You must access it via a browser.

How do I access WMU on iTunes U?

iTunes U at WMU may be accessed at http://itunes.wmich.edu