Visual Messenger

Visual Messenger gives you visual access to voice and fax messaging using your computer. 

With Visual Messenger, you can:

  • View a summary of what is in your voicemail box
  • Select and manage messages
  • Create personal group lists
  • Record a personal greeting
  • Download messages from the message server to your computer for permanent storage
  • Access your voicemail messages via a Web browser.

Because you can see all of your messages, including the sender and length, you can quickly decide which messages you want to listen to now. You can listen to and create messages and address them by typing in a name or by selecting a name from an address book. You can reply to a message, forward it, save it, or erase it. You can also create, send, and view fax documents on your computer.

The Web access tool lets you maintain control over your messages via a Web browser. 

Visual Messenger is available for a $150.00 initial fee and a $10.00 per month ongoing fee. To subscribe to Visual Messenger, contact your service representative.

After you have subscribed to the service, you must download the client to your personal computer.

Need More Help?

Telephone service representatives may be reached at (269) 387-4357, Option 2, or send email to