Western View VoIP Phone Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to purchase a phone for my Western View apartment?

Go to the Residence Life office, 3510 Faunce Student Services Building.

Can I purchase a phone from a retail store to use in my Western View apartment?

No. The telephones are programmed for use in these apartments, so only the phones purchased from the Residence Life office will work.

Will this phone work anywhere else?

No. This phone will work only in Western View Apartments and only as long as it is registered to a specific person.

How do I use this phone?

See instructions here.

Can I give,or sell this phone to someone else if I move from Western View Apartments?

Yes. The phone is your property and you may repurpose it any way you choose. Just be sure to have the service disconnected from your account before you do so.

Can I get a longer cord for the handset?

Yes. You may purchase and use any standard handset cord. You may also purchase and use any standard Ethernet data cable if you want to extend the length of the phone from the wall jack.

There is only one data jack/plug to connect a phone or computer in my room; do I have to switch back and forth?

There are a couple of alternatives to switching the cable back and forth. You may utilize the wireless service in your room for your computer and you may also choose to plug your telephone into another data jack in the common area of the apartment.

Why doesn't my phone work in the kitchen?

By default, the kitchen jack is not activated. You may have it activated, at no charge, by calling (269) 387-4357, option 2.

Why isn't caller ID available?

To keep expenses down, the VoIP phone selected for use in Western View is the least expensive one available and it is not caller ID capable.

Can I change my phone number?

You may change your phone number, if you have reported unwanted or harassing phone, calls by calling (269) 387-4357, option 2.

Can all tenants share a phone and the service?

Yes, however only one person is able to register the phone and will be billed for it.

Can I make long distance calls with my service?

Yes, with the use of a calling card.

What if my phone isn't working?

Call (269) 387-4357, option 2. 

Need More Help?

Telephone service representatives may be reached at (269) 387-4357, option 2, or send email to ask-tcom@wmich.edu.