Information for New Students and Parents

The Office of Information Technology provides data, video and voice services to the Western Michigan University community. If you have questions, please call the number provided next to each of the following services.

How to access online services | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • Bronco NetID: Each student receives a Bronco NetID and password. The Bronco NetID must be activated before it can be used. This is done on the GoWMU login page. If you've forgotten your Bronco NetID, you may call the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1, or visit any main campus computer lab with your Bronco ID card.
  • GoWMU: ( is where most online services are available. You can get to campus and individual announcements, registration, grades, transcripts, class roster, account and financial aid information, Elearning, email and much more. Login to GoWMU using your Bronco NetID and password. Never give your password to anyone, including WMU staff.

 Getting connected | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • ResNet: All rooms are connected to ResNet, the high-speed residential computing network at WMU. The charge for this service is included in the room and board fee. Visit the ResNet website for more information.
  • Off-campus: Students not living in residence halls may connect by using a cable modem, DSL or by using WMU's modem service. Learn more about getting connected.
  • Anti-virus: All computers being connected to the University's network must have approved anti-virus software installed and all vendor-supplied security patches applied for the operating system. For student computers, WMU recommends and supports ClamXav for Macintosh and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows computers. For assistance, please visit the Help Desk website.
  • Help: A brochure will be available to assist with the connection process. It will be handed out in the residence halls during move-in and also available from the Help Desk, located on the second floor of the University Computing Center.

Email | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • Email account: All WMU students have an email account that can be accessed through GoWMU or by going directly to and using the Bronco NetID and password to login.
  • Email address: A WMU email address is created when the Bronco NetID is created. This email address is in the format of firstname.middleinitial.lastname at It is the email address that all official mailings from WMU will be sent, so be sure to check it often. addresses for WMU correspondence should not be used since others may have marked messages as spam and their ISP may be blocking emails sent by WMU and important correspondence may not be received. Please see WMU's email address use and rules for more information.

 Cable and phone | (269) 387-4357, option 2

  • Residence halls: Basic cable and telephone service (unlimited campus and local calls) is provided at no charge. Visit the cable and phone pages for more information.


  • Computer labs: The main computer labs on campus are located in the Bernhard Center and the University Computing Center. Additional labs are operated by academic colleges and departments and often have specialized software for specific disciplines. A Bronco ID card is required to use all computing facilities. Visit the computer labs website for more information.
  • Printing: Printing is available in all computer labs on campus. For more information, please see the labs printing page.
  • Online IT security education for students: The Office of Information Technology has created an online education course that is available to all WMU students by way of GoWMU > My Self Serve > IT Security Education For Students. All students should take this course. WMU student employees are required to.

 Acceptable use of computing resources | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • Policies: Students are required to follow the University's policy on acceptable use of computing resources. Violation of the policy can result in action through the student judiciary and can lead to having online access revoked. See Computing resources acceptable use policy for more information.
  • File sharing: Some forms of file sharing—illegally downloading and sharing MP3 files of popular music, for example—violate copyright. It is important for all users of the University's systems to understand their responsibilities and the University's responsibilities regarding copyright. Learn more about file sharing.
  • P2P file-sharing education: The P2P file-sharing education program sends email notifications when the system sees file sharing occurring. Visit P2P file-sharing education for more information.

 Parent access to information | (269) 387-4300

  • Granting access: Students may give parents, spouses, or other designated guests authorized user access to view certain records, academic and financial aid information, including: enrollment verification, grades, schedule of classes, unofficial transcript, and financial aid requirements, awards, and payment schedule. For more information, please visit "Setting up an Authorized User" on the GoWMU login page.

 Wireless | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • Location: Wireless is available throughout campus, both inside of all buildings and all around the grounds. Besides the wired jacks in each room, wireless is also available at Western View apartments and in the residence halls. 

 Getting help | (269) 387-4357, option 1

  • Help Desk: Information technology provides a computing Help Desk that is available for both walk-in and phone-in services. They are located on the second floor of the University Computing Center and can be reached via email to, by phone to (269) 387-4357, option 1. Self-help tutorials are available on the Help Desk website.
  • Mobile Help Desk: For students in residence halls, a Mobile Help Desk visits residence halls at scheduled times throughout the school year.