Computing Resources for Students

Computer protection

  • All computers being connected to WMUnet (Western's network) must have approved anti-virus software installed and all vendor-supplied security patches applied for the operating system. 
  • For student computers, WMU recommends and supports ClamXav for Macintosh and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows computers.
  • Any devices that have been registered to use WMUnet that are lost or stolen and have been reported to a law agency, may be tracked for potential recovery. Please provide the device MAC address (or device name), the law agency reported to, and their report number to who will then work with WMU's Department of Public Safety. WMU DPS will contact the owner should a device be recovered.

Computer repair

Computer repair is a function of TotalTech, the University's computer store, which is located in the WMU Bookstore at the Bernhard Center.

Hardware and software sales

Computer hardware and software may be purchased at an educational discount at TotalTech.