Product Review Process

The Office of Information Technology reviews proposed product purchases to ensure the products will work within Western Michigan University's computing and network architecture. The product review process will be followed when a University department or individual is purchasing a product that will:

  • Be connected to the network.
  • Be used for ongoing instructional use.
  • Be installed on more than a few computers within a department.
  • Be housed in the University Computing Center machine room.
  • Collect data as identified in the University classification system.

Information technology will provide a recommended course of action and also make recommendations for enhancing the relationship with the vendor and any future support issues that may arise during the lifecycle of the product. Additional information systems governing units may be included in the review and decision process as required to address data integration. The length of the review is related to the complexity of the product.

Of particular importance is review of products that utilize software as a service or cloud computing. Departments that are considering use of such products must be aware of University policy regarding that use and the importance of maintaining the security of University data.

To start the process, a faculty or staff member with authorization to make or approve purchases, should fill out and submit the product review request and checklist forms below. If the product utilizes software as a service or cloud computing you must also have the vendor fill out and submit the software as a service security assessment questionnaire. It is not required if the product does not fit the criteria. Once the forms have been received, you will be contacted by someone from IT.

Additional forms and information

If you have a contract that requires reviewing, please visit the business and finance forms page and find the appropriate forms under Legal Contracts.