Elearning Section Delete Policy


This policy pertains to Elearning sections created by integration with Sungard Banner that reside in Banner Integrated Courses. These are for-credit academic courses. Other special purpose sections found in non-credit courses and tutorials and university communities are not covered by this policy.

Policy statements

  • Banner sections will be deleted two years after a section has been offered. For example, fall 2011 sections will be deleted during the break period before spring 2013 term. Only the elearning administrator can delete sections.
  • Faculty will be given 12 to 16 weeks notice that sections will be deleted from the system to give them time to download any material necessary for archival purposes.
  • Faculty can request that a section not be deleted. This request will be granted or denied by the elearning administrator.
  • Faculty are responsible for downloading and archiving any student material they need to keep for grade challenges, etc.
  • Before sections are deleted for fall and spring, the test environment will be updated with the production database. This provides a short window of opportunity to recover deleted sections if needed.
  • Unused sections will be deleted at the end of the term.