Server Room Access Policy


This policy establishes rules and procedures for accessing the Office of Information Technology's server room.


The Office of Information Technology server room is a limited access area. Only personnel requiring constant or regular access to this area have card access to it. All requests for access to the information technology server room area must be approved by the production operations manager or the senior director of infrastructure services.

Policy statements

Two types of server room access — card and visitor — are permitted. Card access is restricted to IT staff who require regular access to the server room to perform their job, or WMU emergency personnel for site emergencies only. Visitor access is restricted to non-IT departmental staff, vendors, or service personnel that are listed on the approved IT server room sign-in access list. Procedures regarding access requests, viewing, or touring the IT server room are provided below.


Card Access: Individuals with card access to the server room are responsible for ensuring the area remains secure upon entering or exiting. This includes deactivating and activating server room alarms when production operations staff is not on-site. Individuals without server room card access must follow one of the appropriate procedures below.

Visitor sign-in access: Individuals on the IT server room sign-in access list may have monitored access to the server room area. These individuals can enter the server room area with supervision. For each access, they are required to record the following in the server room area log book: date, name, company or department, reason for entry, in time, and out time. The individual receives a dated visitor badge from production operations staff. The badge must be worn at all times while in the server room, and returned to production operations staff when the individual leaves the server room.

Access requests: Anyone without card or visitor access must request escorted access prior to being permitted to enter the server room area. Individuals must enter the server room area through Room 1010, production support. Production support staff will contact the productions operations manager for access authorization every time access is requested. If the production operations manager is unavailable, production operations staff will contact the senior director of infrastructure services to obtain access authorization. If the access request is approved, the visitor must follow the visitor sign-in access procedure and will be escorted at all times by an IT staff member with card access while in the server room.

Viewing or server room tours: Requests for viewing the server room area through the windows must be approved by the production operations manager or the senior director of infrastructure services.

Requests for tours of the server room area must be in writing and presented at least two weeks prior to the requested tour. Tour requests will be presented to the CTO of Information Technology for approval prior to scheduling a tour.


Individuals requiring access to the server room, or wishing to view or tour the server room, shall abide by the rules of this policy. Any person found to be in violation of this policy, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as defined by current University policy and/or applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Document action

Updated: April 2015
Revised: June 2012