iWebfolio Account Distribution Procedure


iWebfolio is an electronic portfolio creation tool that is used at Western Michigan University for the purpose of aiding in the assessment of student learning outcomes. Electronic portfolios created using iWebfolio help individuals archive, organize, reflect and present information contained in: documents, graphics, presentations, Web projects, audio and video, or any other digital media. These electronic portfolios can then be used as evidence of completing desired student learning outcomes.


Western Michigan University uses iWebfolio in conjunction with TracDat to provide a vehicle for preparing the electronic portfolios which can then be linked to the assessment plan data within TracDat as evidence. Due to the cost of each account,  the use of iWebfolio will be limited to only those departments and/or units who have developed or are developing assessment plans which include ePortfolios as an assessment or data collection tool. All students enrolled in programs that use ePortfolios for assessment will be given an account free of charge while they are enrolled at WMU and for one year following program completion to enable the use of portfolios in seeking employment. Accounts include 500 MB of storage space.

Procedure statements

  • Other uses for the prepaid owner accounts will not be accommodated at this time. In order to be considered for account distribution, departments or units desiring to use iWebfolio will need to provide evidence that ePortfolios are included in their assessment plans. Such evidence might include copies of an assessment plan, a letter from the unit’s assessment committee indicating how ePortfolios are being used, or a TracDat report showing the use of ePortfolios. This evidence should be submitted to karen.stokeschapo@wmich.edu.
  • Reviewer accounts are supplied free of charge to all interested faculty and staff. These accounts can also be set up to be a combined reviewer/owner accounts for those faculty and staff who request it. These owner accounts include 20 MB of storage space.
  • To set up a reviewer account, to request owner accounts, or if you have any questions about this policy, please contact karen.stokeschapo@wmich.edu.

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Created: Sept. 2010