Homepages.wmich.edu Publishing Policy


This policy sets forth the rules for publishing pages on WMU's student, faculty and staff personal homepages Web server.


Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for the content of the Web pages they publish and the backing up or archival of their own pages and files. They are also required to abide by all University policies regarding appropriate use of information and computing resources.

Policy statements

  • Information, graphics, and other materials are covered by and subject to all copyright laws. If permission to display text, graphics, sound, video, etc. that are owned by someone else has not been granted, do not publish it.
  • Documents must be consistent with the statement on ethical treatment of information resources.
  • Users of WMU's network are subject to all relevant policies of the University, as well as state and federal laws.
  • If information about the University (e.g., total enrollment, number of faculty, etc) is to be used, its accuracy must be confirmed. For assistance, please contact the Office of Student Academic and Institutional Research 
  • The University signature and/or the University seal have not been approved for use on personal Web pages and should not be used.
  • Information representing a point of view differing from an established University policy or position must include a standard disclaimer.
  • All information must be free of inflammatory, derogatory, or offensive text, images, or sounds that exceed the bounds of academic freedom of faculty. Flaming behavior, as often seen in newsgroups, could be interpreted as libel.
  • Pornographic material is strictly prohibited.
  • Every effort should be made to keep documents free of typographical and grammatical errors.
  • Use of Bronco NetID Web space for commercial and/or personal gain is prohibited.
  • All pages should contain contact information for the page owner.
  • Personal Web pages will be deleted upon Bronco NetID expiration, two years after a person graduates (one year if no graduation), or otherwise leaves Western Michigan University. Content will not be archived and it is the responsibility of the site owner to back up their content if they wish to keep it, before the grace period ends.


The WMU community has access to a variety of Web publishing options including personal and/or professional Web pages, and course content pages. Information on WMU's websites can be read worldwide. The quality, accuracy, and legality of this information is of the utmost concern to the University. The distributed and open nature of the Web renders traditional means of control impractical and transfers much of the responsibility to the individual.


Western Michigan University will not routinely monitor Web page content but we reserve the right to both monitor content and remove pages if they are in violation of these rules or relevant WMU policies. In addition, any person found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as defined by current University policy or bargaining agreements.

Document action

Revised: Jan. 2013