Information Technology Executive Advisory Board

Charge: executive sponsors are senior university officials who have planning and policy responsibility and accountability for major administrative data systems (e.g., student, human resources, financial, research, etc.) within their functional areas. By understanding the planning needs of the institution, they are able to anticipate how data will be used to meet institutional needs. Executive sponsors meet as the IT Executive Advisory Board to approve policy or administrative decisions that promote data quality, security, integration, and alignment.


  • Charles Emerson, faculty senate
  • Dan Litynski, research
  • Diane Anderson, student affairs
  • Greg Lozeau, information technology
  • James Gilchrist (Chair), academic affairs
  • Jan VanDerKley, business and finance
  • Jim Thomas, development and alumni affairs
  • Richard Gershon, faculty senate
  • Sue Brodasky, information technology
  • Tom Comer, internal audit
  • Tracy Pattok, institutional research

Meeting notes

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