Long Distance Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to request long distance services on departmental telephone lines?

Each dean or department head will appoint a long distance administrator who will be authorized to initiate, access, review, and approve long distance charge activity for the department. Once this individual has been identified by the dean or department head, Information Technology provides the necessary forms and details to initiate these services.

What is the long distance rate?

For long distance rates, contact the CenturyLink helpline at (248) 327-3327.

Does this service include international calling? If so, what are the rates?

Yes, international calling may be included and rates may be obtained by calling the CenturyLink helpline at (248) 327-3327.

After I submit a request for long distance activation, how long will it take for the service to be available?

Seven to ten business days from receipt of the request.

Is it mandatory that we initiate long distance service on our departmental lines?

It is not required that long distance service be activated on any or all departmental lines. Calling cards may continue to be used if you so desire.

How does the billing process work?

The long distance administrator will receive an email to notify them that the department long distance invoice is available online. They may then login to the site and review, print and pay their monthly invoice. This invoice will provide detailed call information including long distance minutes used, charges assessed against specific phone lines, etc. Monthly invoices will be available online as early as the second week of each month. Payments may be submitted via a University procurement card or other online payment method.

Who do I contact if I have billing questions?

Please contact the CenturyLink helpline at (248) 327-3327.

Who do I contact if I have service questions regarding long distance?

You may send an email to ld-request@wmich.edu, or contact your customer service representative.

Is there an installation or activation charge for this service?

 Yes, there is a charge of $30 per request, whether it be for one activation or many.

 As a long distance administrator, what can I do online?

  • View call detail
  • Sort ebills (account numbers, amount, etc.)
  • Pay ebills
  • See payment history
  • Generate summary reports for usage information, audits, future planning, etc.
  • Reallocate lines within departmental grouping

How do I change a phone line from (long distance) restricted to unrestricted, or vice-versa?

 The departmental long distance administrator should submit another long distance service request.

Can long distance activation be turned on for a fax machine?

 Yes. The process is the same for telephone or fax lines.

Can I activate long distance on a 386-XXXX telephone number?

No, you will need to contact your customer service representative and request a new telephone number.