Archives October 2015

What do you feel needs to be added to WMU's digital portfolio? If you have a need for technology related services, but you can't seem to find them here on campus, please reach out to the Office of Information Technology. My contact information is,  (269) 387-3838 or @tomwolfjr and I love discussing technology needs and desires with enthusiastic students, faculty and staff. Go Broncos!

Bernhard center computer lab update: Have you been to the Bernhard center computer lab this semester? If you go you will find that over the summer the lab was fitted with 85 brand new computers containing standard lab software, plus ten brand new computers containing College of Engineering and Applied Sciences software. Please stop by the lab, located on the lower level adjacent to Subway, and check out the new computers! The concept of, the WMU students, faculty and staff personal Web pages server, is based on technologies that are roughly 15 years old. The Office of Information Technology is partnering with the Faculty Senate Academic and Information Technology Council this school year to take a critical look at and the services it supports. Options such as Google Apps for Education, Brightspace and Office365 are examples of newer Web technologies that are probably better suited to meet the ever expanding Web and collaborative needs of WMU's students, faculty and staff. If you would like to be involved in this evaluation, please reach out to OIT (269) 387-3838 or AITC (269) 387-3310, as student, faculty and staff input will be critical to the success of this project.

Security authorizations online: Starting this year the annual faculty and staff security authorizations for the Banner Student Information System and the PeopleSoft Financials, Payroll and Human Resources systems went completely online! On behalf of the campus community let me extend a huge thank you to the many people involved in this project. The new 100% online system is a huge improvement over the long standing, and time consuming, paper process it replaced. Way to go project teams!

WMU Wi-Fi: If you have not already done so, please program your wireless devices to permanently "forget" Tsunami and to use WMU Secure when at all possible. Plans have begun to phase out the unencrypted Tsunami in the coming months in favor of the encrypted WMU Secure wireless network. See more information.

Did you know? The Office of Information Technology's media services team is in its 12th season of producing Bronco Review. Most shows are filmed in Dunbar Hall's Studio A facility. Over the course of the television season, twelve football games, eight hockey games and eight basketball games will be produced. This 12th season marks the first season that the show is being filmed in high definition (HD). Programs are cablecast twice weekly by Comcast and CW7, and can also be viewed on the website.