CTO Updates December 2014


The holidays are always a great time to be thankful and to reflect on the year that has past. So, in staying with the spirit of the season, I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of the new IT services that were introduced in 2014.  If you have any questions, or comments, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at tom.wolf@wmich.edu or (269) 387-3838. Go WMU! Go Broncos!

24/7 Help Desk: IT Help Desk services have now been extended to 24 hours per day, seven days per week. During posted hours, you can walk in, or call the IT Help Desk located on the second floor of the University Computing Center. If you call (269) 387-4357 outside of posted hours, you will reach the After Hours Help Desk.

Adobe: A link is now available in the GoWMU Software Downloads channel that contains instructions for faculty and staff to purchase a home use copy of Adobe Creative Cloud at a cost of less than $1 per month.

Digital badges: As part of a Haworth College of Business research initiative, information technology assisted in the implementation and Elearning integration of WMU's first openbadges.org service. This allows the issuance of credible digital badges that acknowledge and verify an individual's skills, interests and achievements. For more information, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at (269) 387-6958.

Drone and GoPro: IT's media services team recently expanded their services to include a drone and a GoPro camera. Media services staff are currently being trained on the use of these new technologies and will make the new service available after training has been completed.

Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR): Last year the Office of Information Technology purchased a campus subscription to ECAR. ECAR provides information technology focused research and analysis for the higher education sector. This is a subscription-driven research organization dedicated to understanding how technology impacts colleges and universities. If you have a WMU Educause account, and are interested in accessing the materials on the ECAR site, please contact Sue Brodasky at (269) 387-0464.

Faculty One Stop: In partnership with the Faculty Development Office, the Office of Information Technology created an online one stop shop website designed to help faculty quickly navigate WMU's online teaching resources. The project team innovatively used augmented reality as part of the communication plan for this new service.

Google Apps for Education at WMU: This new service will be available for WMU students, faculty and staff beginning Jan. 6. More information can be found in the November edition of CTO Updates and on the Google Apps for Education at WMU website. Be sure to read the acceptable use policy.

Web conferencing support: I would like to remind all faculty and staff that Adobe Connect seminar rooms are available and can be reserved by anyone who is an employee at WMU. The seminars hold up to 200 participants and all meeting times must be reserved in advance. To schedule a one-on-one training session and to reserve a meeting time, contact the Faculty Technology Center at (269) 387-6958 or oit-ftc@wmich.edu.

Webmail Plus improvements: To support a more collaborative environment, the maximum size of all Webmail Plus mailboxes has been increased from 10 to 15 GB, and the maximum size of each Briefcase upload has been increased from 50 to 763 MB.

2015 is setting up to be another outstanding year for technology at WMU. Let me close calendar 2014 with a list of teaser topics for 2015: Eduroam, Symantec for Android, Microsoft 365 Pro Plus, GAE-Youtube, wireless connectivity, WMU_Guest, Phish Patrol, library collaboration, Zimbra 8, Luminis 5.2, and much much more!