CIO Updates

tom wolf sitting at his desk

September 2017

Depiction of the five collaborative technology-enhanced work spaces for students at the BCCHey students, now that the semester is getting into full swing, are you looking for a place to sit down and relax with food, friends and technology? Then stop by the Bernhard Center computer lab and check out the technology-enhanced collaboration spaces located in the back of the lab! There are five spaces with 60" flat panel 4K resolution displays and the technology necessary to connect your devices to them. There are also numerous whiteboards on wheels as well as movable furniture you can rearrange as needed. So, get comfortable and start your semester on the right foot by collaborating technology style with your fellow Broncos!

On a related note, the second floor of the University Computing Center now has a classroom with lecture technology, white boards and lots of movable furniture that is available in the evenings for student use for group meetings and/or as a presentation practice space. To reserve this room, UCC 2033, simply call or stop by the Technology Help Desk on the second floor. (269) 387-4357, option 1.

New Technology Help Desk Chat service: The Office of Information Technology has launched a new and convenient way for you to interact with our Technology Help Desk team in real-time, Live Chat. Just click the Live Chat button on the bottom of any page on the or websites to talk to the Technology Help Desk. This feature is available during their business hours.

Computer Lab H Drive is being decommissioned: The Bronco NetID file share storage* is going away. Data stored on your Bronco NetID file share, known as the computer lab H drive, will no longer be available to you after Oct. 31, 2017. See self-help instructions for transferring your data. The Office of Information Technology is recommending OneDrive for its enhanced file storage experience, which includes the ability to easily share and access your files from your personal devices via desktop sync, mobile apps and the web interface. See OneDrive self-help instructions.

* The Bronco NetID file share is used by most people in the student computer labs or via the website and is not to be confused with the H drive provided by your department.

Broncos4Broncos logoBroncos4Broncos: If you are faculty, staff or student at WMU and you are looking for a way to give back because of the special place WMU holds in your heart, then look no further than the Broncos4Broncos program. And if you have any nerd blood flowing through your veins, you may want to consider showing some special love for the Office of Information Technology student employees with a special donation to the "OIT Student Employee Fund". It is only through the generosity of OUR Bronco Nation that amazing programs like the Invisible Need Project, The Student Emergency Relief Fund and the Staufer Health Emergency Fund can exist. Thanks Bronco family!

Scholarship phishing: Cyber-criminals continue to find creative ways to steal funds from unsuspecting victims. Over the last year prospective foreign students were contacted by cyber-criminals claiming they are affiliated with WMU and informing the unsuspecting student they would receive a WMU scholarship once they sent a wire transfer to cover the cost associated with processing their visa. The criminals were often times claiming to be WMU's president when signing these fraudulent email awards, even though the email addresses they were using were clearly not from WMU's official email domain If your office receives any inquiries about these fictitious scholarship emails, please try to obtain a forwarded copy of the email the prospective student received and forward it as an attachment to We all need to do our best to protect our future Broncos!

Video phones: Video conversations are rapidly becoming the preferred communications medium for business interactions as video adds a much desired human element to business communications. With that in mind, our telecommunications team provides a simple to use video function on the almost 800 video-capable VoIP phones currently installed across campus. If you own one of these phones and you are interested in learning to use the video feature, please check out our self-help document. If you are interested in upgrading to one of these new phones, please contact your phone services representative.

Elearning copyright materials: Extended University Programs and the Office of Information Technology would like to remind the campus elearning community that all materials uploaded into WMU's Elearning system must adhere to both the copyright law and the TEACH Act. If you would like to upload materials but are unsure about the rules, policies and laws, please see copyright and ethics policies and statements. You may also contact media services, EUP, or the faculty technology center for clarification.

University Computing Center Makerspace logoUCC Makerspace: In fall of 2016, the University Computing Center became home to the first interdisciplinary makerspace on main campus. This fall marks the start of the second year of this hugely successful collaboration between the Office of Information Technology and the Innovation Club, which is the registered student organization that manages the UCC Makerspace. In the first two weeks of September, the UCC Makerspace is shattering the participation records it set last fall. I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of their expanded hours of operation this fall by stopping by the UCC Makerspace, joining in the fun and possibly even playing with one of the three new 3D printers. See more information and submit a 3D print request.

Director of Communication and Collaboration: In August, Alonzo Wilson from the Office of Information Technology was promoted into the position of Director of Communication and Collaboration. This position is responsible for WMU's telecommunications services, Office 365 WMU's email collaboration suite and WMU's online elearning system, Brightspace. If you happen to see Alonzo around campus, please join me in congratulating him on his new position.

Did you know? The GoWMU login page contains a section titled "Service Alerts" that provides an online location to see a listing of planned or unplanned service interruptions. This area is continuously updated and allows you to view the status of current technology-related issues on campus.