CIO Updates

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November 2017

As the campus accelerates towards finals week the sidewalks will begin to fill with snow just as the computers in the Bernhard Computer Center (BCC) and the University Computing Center (UCC) will begin to fill with students. Before you begin your trek to your favorite Office of Information Technology computer lab be sure to check out this mobile friendly website. It shows students how many computers are currently available in the two busiest OIT labs on main campus. On a related note, here is a web page that lists the various computer labs on campus ( On several of the lab specific links you can find information about the software that is available in that lab. Good luck with your finals and as always if you have any technology related thoughts, comments, or questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357 or directly to the Chief Information Officer for WMU at (269) 387-3838! Go Broncos!!
Augmented Reality: If you aren't really sure what augmented reality is, then check out If after checking it out you feel you would like to explore potential work uses for augmented reality, please contact our media services team at (269) 387-5020.

Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR): ECAR provides information technology focused research and analysis to the higher education sector. It is a subscriber-driven research organization dedicated to understanding how technology impacts colleges and universities. If you are a current WMU faculty or staff member and are interested in accessing materials on the Educause ECAR site, please contact Greg Lozeau.  More information can also be found on the ECAR website.

Technology collaboration: Technology has become the great disruptor. A true game changer. It touches almost every facet of our lives. Widespread adoption of smart phones has led to the creation of innovative technologies that have revolutionized entire industries. Today you can order your groceries on-line and they are delivered to your doorstep, or better yet, the Internet of Things allows your refrigerator to order your groceries for you. Driver-less cars are a reality. Drones are changing the face of the military. Almost all of us have experienced cyber crime first hand multiple times. Video streaming services have changed the way an entire generation watches “TV”. Instead of booking a hotel room it is now just as easy to rent someone’s house. Uber is no longer an adverb that means excessive. More electronic books are sold today than physical books. On-line learning systems allow you to get a degree from the comfort of your own home. And virtual reality instantaneously transports you anywhere on the planet, er, anywhere in the universe, er, anywhere your imagination can take you. Technology disruption can be a huge differentiator if it is used correctly which is why OIT staff are constantly looking for creative faculty, staff, and students who are interested in collaborating with OIT to embrace technology change. The Office of Information Technology is full of change agents eager to partner with you as you start on your technology journey. Together lets do something revolutionary!

Bronco Safety: WMU's public safety has created a "one stop" type web page focused on student safety and campus security. This web page lists a number of University and community based services including the Safe Ride program, RAVE, the campus text, voicemail and email alert system, Drive Safe Kalamazoo, and local news alert information for Fox 17, WOODTV and WWMT. The idea behind the page is that it can be bookmarked on any device for quick access to important safety services. Go to the Bronco Safety web page.


Did You Know? Here are some fun facts about the OIT Help Desk and OIT supported computer labs:
chart showing number of phone calls received by the help desk as well as number of walk-ins and computer lab visits

Traveling Overseas? The Office of Information Technology has put together a web page of technology and safety tips for those of you who may be traveling overseas during the holiday season. 

Sneak Peek: Next month's CIO report will talk about a new Virtual Reality Lab that will be opening up in Waldo Library!

OIT Strategic Plan: Information about the OIT Strategic Plan can be found at
Phishing: For the latest news about phishing emails please check out the phishing website.