TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay (formerly called Camtasia Relay) is a tool for recording lectures, presentations, or any software on your computer screen, along with audio from either your computer's microphone or an external microphone.

Recording is a one-button process with an easy interface. Once your recording is finished, the video will be uploaded to a secure server on campus. You will receive an email to your WMU email account with a link to the video.

If you have problems installing TechSmith Relay, contact the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1. For assistance or ideas for using TechSmith Relay for your classes, contact media services at (269) 387-5020.

TechSmith Relay can help you:

  • Deliver a lecture outside of class, which allows you to spend your time in class discussing the topic, answering questions, or working through examples.
  • Demonstrate software for your class.
  • Navigate complex websites.
  • Record and upload video from work sites and locations off campus.
  • Provide video analysis to students and professors.
  • Students can record presentations for class.