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ISCSC Leadership Contact Information

President: David Rosner,
Director of Development: Abbey Perumpanani,
VP for Organization: Lynn Rhodes,
VP Membership: Tseggai Isaac,
VP for Asia/Oceana, Hisanori Kato,
Director of Communcations: Peter Hecht,
Juri Abe,
Laina Farhat Holzman,
John Grayzel,


Joseph Drew, Editor-in-Chief
Carolyn Potter, Senior Editor
J. Randall Groves, Peer Review Editor and Executive Editor
Tseggai Isaac, Executive Editor
David Wilkinson, Book Review Editor
Peter Hecht, Managing Editor
Connie Lamb, Editor
Thomas Rienzo, Technical Editor

Hosting a Meeting

The International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations welcomes inquiries from members, nonmembers and/or their institutions, who express desire to host future meetings of the Society. Such inquiries should be addressed to the President of the Society (below) who will then provide the necessary information related to hosting the meeting. We are open to invitations from institutions all over the world and we find this openness to be beneficial for our membership, our host institutions and all participants. It is also the express desire of our whole membership to allow for this flexibility that enhances our opportunities for serious and widespread interdisciplinary exchange.

Future conferences enhance their prospects for success when they are planned with ample time, for this reason we like to start these procedures preferably two years before the actual event takes place. This time-frame allows for planning and implementation of both program and logistics in a cooperative way between ISCSC and the host institution.

*See also Center for the Comparative Studies of Civilizations, Reitaku University, Japan:


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