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International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations


Article I. Name and Affiliation

This society shall be known as the “International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations,” hereafter abbreviated ISCSC.  The ISCSC shall be an independent nonprofit organization.

 Article II.  Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide means of cooperation among all persons interested in the advancement of the comparative study of civilizations.

Article III.  Membership and Dues

1.      Membership in this organization is open to any qualified person sharing its purpose upon payment of dues.

2.      Dues shall be charged at such sum for such periods of time as the vote of the Council or a general meeting shall decide.  No person shall be entitled to vote or to hold office until he has paid current dues.

Article IV.  Officers and Committees

1.      The Constitutional Officers of this organization shall be a Council of no more that fifteen (15) members, including the President.

2.      The President and other Council members shall be elected for three-year terms, which shall begin at the annual general meeting at which they were elected.

3.      The President shall establish such additional offices and committees as the business of the Society may require or as the Council or a general meeting of the organization shall direct.

4.      The outgoing President shall assume the title of Past President and shall be a member of the Council for one term.

Article V.  General Business

1.      Subject to these Articles, the membership of the Society duly assembled in the annual general meeting (or in a special meeting duly called, as by-laws may provide) makes the by-laws of the organization, resolves policy questions brought to it by its members, and may direct, confirm, revise or repeal the action of the President, the Council or any officer.

2.      Subject to the foregoing, the Council shall be the governing body of the Society and have general supervision of its business and interests, and may direct, confirm, revise, or repeal the action of the President or any officer.

3.      Subject  to the foregoing, the President shall be the chief executive officer of the Society and shall see to the transaction of its business.

 Article VI.  Meetings

1.      One meeting in each calendar year shall be designated as the annual meeting, and its first order of business shall be the election of Council members for the following year.

2.      The President and the Council shall meet at least once yearly, and otherwise as often as the general meeting, the Council or the President may direct.

Article VII.  Amendments

This constitution may be amended by joint motion of any ten members, passed by an affirmative majority vote of all members present at an annual general meeting, and additionally passed either by such vote at the next successive general meeting or by a majority of those responding to a mail ballot, the choice of method to be made at the discretion of the President.

 Article VIII.  Procedure

Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall be accepted as the procedural authority for all questions not otherwise disposed of in the articles or in such rules and by-laws as the organization may adopt.


Adopted, February 23, 1974

Amended, general meeting, 1984


Certified as true and correct:

Michael Palencia-Roth

President, ISCSC

October 18, 1986


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