For Pre-interns

All pre-internship applications will be accepted through Tk20.

Pre-internship applications for Fall 2018 will close on March 16.

Tk20 Login website

Navigation guides are available on the Teacher and Administrator Certification page.

Brief instructions for finding your application:

  • Log into Tk20 using your Bronco Net ID and password.
  • Click on “Applications”.
  • Select “Create a New Application”.
  • Choose the appropriate application for your needs:
    • ED 3710/4500 application for elementary pre-internship.
    • ED 4060/4065 application for secondary instructional methods pre-internship.
    • ED 4085/4086 application for secondary classroom environment pre-internship.

If you are unsure of what application to choose, please contact your instructor or the Office of Field Placements.