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All internship applications will be accepted through Tk20.

Internship applications for Fall 2018 will close on Nov. 17.

Tk20 login website

Navigation guides are available on the Teacher and Administrator Certification page.

Info sessions for students planning to intern in the Fall of 2018 have already begun. These sessions will assist you in filling out your application and answering questions regarding your internship. Please contact the Office of Field Placements if you have not signed up for an info session and would like to do so.

Students may not select their placements for intern teaching—placements are made by the Office of Field Placements at Western Michigan University based on programmatic needs and design, supervisory load and the availability of intern teaching situations within our cluster sites (partnership schools). Additionally, the college has a long-standing practice of avoiding the placement of students in districts from which they have graduated or have previously established or familial relationship.

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