Web Resources for International Graduate Assistants

Web resources for improving English skills 


Praat Language Lab – Software to improve spoken English.

Pronouncing individual sounds  This website lets you see videos of people pronouncing individual sounds that may be difficult for you to pronounce. 

English Central – This website lets you see videos of people pronouncing individual sounds that may be difficult for you to pronounce. 


Common Student Questions These listening materials are designed to help you become better acquainted with a variety of typical student questions, common idioms used within them, and fast, reduced speech, a manner of speaking often used by American students. Most of the questions in these materials are generic questions; they could be heard in nearly any class or lab.

General Listening Practice This websites include resources for listening practice as well as cultural information.  

Audio dictionary – This English dictionary has sound files. You can hear and practice saying words.

Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary – This is a collection of the most commonly written words in academic English as researched by A. Cox at Massey University, New Zealand. It includes numerous vocabulary-building exercises.

Discipline-Specific Vocabulary – Generate discipline-specific word lists. Discipline-specific definitions, synonyms, collocations, and example sentences from discipline-specific texts are available by clicking on any word in the list. 

Videos about teaching

Example Lectures

Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars.

Webcasts of UC Berkley lectures from various disciplines

TED Talks

Culture and Expectations in the US Classroom

ITAs and undergraduate students talk about what makes an ITA effective

Teaching in America: A Guide for International Faculty

Culture Shock: International Students in the United States

Leading Discussions

Toolkit for Leading Discussions 

Leading a Student-Centered Discussion

Interactive Teaching

Interactive Teaching Methods

From Questions to Concepts: Interactive Teaching in Physics

How to speak: Lecture Tips from Patrick Winston

Four Teaching Styles at Undergraduate Universities

Perils of the teacher-centered classroom

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Teaching Lab Sections

I Do- I understand – Engineering Lab at CU Boulder

For first year teachers: What NOT to do in the computer lab

Classroom Management

Power of Nonverbal Communication 

The Disruptive Student (UK)

The Disruptive Student 

The Unexpected Student Question

The Blame Game

Effective Course Design

Understanding American School Culture

Tips for Grading

International Teaching Assistant Tutorials—Various Issues

Language Concerns

What If My Students Can’t Understand Me? 

TA Training Exam 

Web Resources for Improving Teaching Skills

Websites related to improving university teaching from Faculty Development Associates           

University of Connecticut TA Guidebook

Language and Teaching Resources for International GSIs University of California Berkley

Teaching Tips Index – University of Hawaii

University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning – Online Workshops and Tutorials – Active Learning, Designing Smart Lectures, Integrated Aligned Course Design, Scenes, Surviving Group Projects, Syllabus Development, Writing a Teaching Philosophy

A Vision of University Students Today

How to design visual aids

Manual for Teaching Assistants (see checklist of questions to ask your supervisor on p. 8-9)

Professors discuss their goals for the first class day in 5 different disciplines

Strategies for avoiding and dealing with problem student behaviors

Characteristics of the undergraduate classroom