November 2, 2012

Fetzer Center Kalamazoo

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Hosted by Department of Business Information Systems

Business Communication Track

Jo Wiley, Instructor of Business Information Systems, WMU, Track Chair

Please share your research, practices and perceptions.  

Technology affects our everyday activities in a multitude of ways—where we shop, how we are entertained, the way we acquire information, and how we share our ideas. Beyond its impact on individuals, the expansion of digital communications has changed the landscape of both education and business. Often referred to as the "Wild West" of communication, the rapid integration of technology-mediated communications has led to what at least can appear to be more questions than answers:

  • What impact has the emergence of digital technologies had on higher education fields of study? How can we help students differentiate between information and communication? What's retained/altered in non-mediated means of communication, e. g., face-to-face? What does it mean to be a proficient digital communicator? How does this translate into competencies employers are looking for in college graduates?
  • How has the rise in digital communications impacted business in general? The business culture? The hiring process? What is the impact of digital vulnerability on a business's communication practices? How do businesses integrate digital media into their internal and external communications?