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Human Performance Institute

The Human Performance Institute (HPI) at Western Michigan University is an interdisciplinary center devoted to applied research, training, and outreach in the areas of occupational ergonomics, human factors, work design, and safety. The Institute specializes in product & safety system evaluation and design, healthcare modeling, and seating.

The HPI occupies a two-room suite (3,100 sq ft) on the new College of Engineering & Applied Science Parkview Campus. Within the Institute there are six breakout rooms designed to accommodate proprietary research. One of the breakout rooms also features a 4' X 6' one-mirror with video and audio capabilities for behavioral analysis. The laboratory features equipment to assess cognitive and biomechanical variables, metabolic demands, and environmental factors.

The HPI has been funded through the Federal government, State of Michigan, Private Foundations, and Industry.

For more information, please contact

Dr. Tycho Fredericks at (269) 276-3360 or Dr. Steven Butt at (269) 276-3356.


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