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Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Research Requirement

Fifteen credit hours (IME 7300) of research are required and should produce substantial original research with results suitable for publication in a pre-reviewed journal. Working with the dissertation advisor, the student must prepare and submit a paper for publication.

Dissertation research focuses on a significant industrial engineering problem. This independent research culminates in the doctoral dissertation and forms the major component of the research requirement for the degree. Students enrolled for dissertation credit are required to attend monthly seminars in which faculty members, outside experts, and Ph.D. students present their latest research findings. These seminars help Ph.D. students in their search for a dissertation topic.

The objective of the dissertation is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct a thorough search of the literature on the subject of the dissertation, to conduct the research, and to prepare a written dissertation which satisfies all the Graduate College guidelines. Students enrolled in this course must satisfy the Graduate College requirement regarding continuous enrollment.

Upon admission to the program, students are advised to select a dissertation advisor to direct the research and serve as chair of the doctoral dissertation committee. Later in the program the student, in consultation with the dissertation advisor, selects a doctoral dissertation committee.

Upon completion of the dissertation, the student will take a final oral examination covering the dissertation research. The exam will be administered by the student's dissertation committee. Members of the committee should be notified of the student's work periodically. Copies of the dissertation should be given to the committee members at least one month before the projected date of the final oral examination The requirements and procedures for submission of the dissertation to the Graduate College can be obtained from the Graduate College. Acceptability of the dissertation and defense of the dissertation during the final oral examination will be determined by the dissertation committee.

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