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Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

The Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering is designed to provide advanced competencies in the areas of computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided design and analysis, and integrated processing of polymers, metals, and composite materials.  This program is designed for decision-makers in manufacturing engineering, engineering graphics and design, process engineering, quality assurance, and tooling design.

The Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering requires 30 credit hours with a minimum "B" average and no grade below "C". The program includes 15 hours of core classes, and 15 hours of electives. The specific career path objectives of the individual may be met by focusing the electives and optional thesis or project. The master's degree candidate shall work with his/her academic advisor to tailor all elective course work.

To meet needs of part-time graduate students, evening courses are offered. In addition, the program allows sufficient time to complete the degree. Showing annual progress, a minimum of three courses taken per year will allow completion of the degree under four years.

Graduate courses are offered each semester at the Grand Rapids Graduate Center-Beltline each semester. Check course listings or with your advisor for details.

Admission Requirements

A candidate for admission to the Master of Science program in Manufacturing Engineering must:

  1. Possess a baccalaureate degree with a major in a technical field such as engineering or technology.
  2. Show evidence of competency in computer programming, mathematics through the calculus level, statistics, two semesters of physics, and one semester of chemistry with laboratories.
  3. Possess a grade point average of 3.0 or better during the last two years of undergraduate work.
  4. Submit GRE scores for the General Test.
  5. Have completed undergraduate courses or have equivalent work experience in CAD, CAM, properties of materials, metrology, quality control, manufacturing processes, statics, and strength of materials. If a candidate's background is deficient, foundation courses will be required.

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Program Requirements

General Requirements

The following general requirements apply to the Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering program: The candidate must complete the program within a six-year period. A maximum of six credit hours can be accepted in transfer. At least one-half of the credits earned must be in courses numbered 600 or above. There is no limit to the amount of time between the completion of the bachelor's degree and the start of the graduate program.

Core Classes (15 hours)

IME 5070 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3 credits
IME 5460 Concurrent Engineering 3 credits
IME 6060 Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis 3 credits
IME 6810 Process Monitoring and Control 3 credits
IME 5160* Design of Experiments and Regression Analysis 3 credits
STAT 5650* Design of Experiments for Quality Improvement 3 credits

Approved Electives

Below is a partial listing of approved elective courses to complete the degree requirements. Electives will be chosen in consultation with the academic advisor upon acceptance to the Master's Program. Other courses may be approved as electives by the faculty advisor to allow the candidate to focus the program toward the candidate's area of interest.

IME 5080 Advanced Quality Management 3 credits
IME 5420 Human Factors Engineering 3 credits
IME 5500 Advanced Plastics Processing 3 credits
IME 6000 Concepts and Principles of Engineering Management 3 credits
IME 6040 Facilities Planning and Design 3 credits
IME 6140 Project Management 3 credits
IME 6120 Production/Operations Management 3 credits
IME 6450 Design for Manufacturability 3 credits
IME 6560 Material Selection and Processing 3 credits
IME 6580 CAM Applications 3 credits
IME 7000 Master's Thesis 6 credits


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