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IME 6110 -
       Deterministic Methods in Operations Research

Catalog Description:

Concepts and techniques of deterministic operations research with emphasis on industrial applications. Topics include Network Models, Integer Programming, and Nonlinear Programming.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisites: MATH 2720 and IME 3110 or IME 6100. (Recommended)

Credits: 3 hrs.

Notes: Open to Graduate Students Only.

Lecture Hours - Laboratory Hours: (3-0)


Introduction to Mathematical Programming - Operations Research: Volume One,
4th ed.
Wayne L. Winston and Munirpallam Venkataramanan
Duxbury (Thompson Brooks/Cole), 2003 (required)


VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with Microsoft Excel, 2nd ed.
S. Christian Albright, Duxbury Press, 2006.
(ISBN-10: 0495106836; ISBN-13: 9780495106838)

Mathematical Programming for Industrial Engineers
Mordecai Avriel and Boaz Golany
Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1996


  • LINDO/LINGO/GINO (packaged with text)
  • Microsoft EXCEL Solver (packaged with Excel)
  • WinQSB (can be purchased on-line; available in CAE)
  • GAMS/MINOS, GAMS/CPLEX (available if needed for projects)
  • NEOS Solver (

Course Coordinator:

Azim Houshyar
Western Michigan University
E-219 Parkview Campus
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5336
Phone: 276-3363

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