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Our Ph.D Alumni

These are some of our PhD Alumni, that are involved in different areas of research.

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Yaser Al-Alawi, Ph.D

Yaser Al-Alawi   Email Address:
Current Position: Assistant Professor
University of Bahrain
Research Areas:
Facilities Locations, Operations Research, and Simulation
Dissertation Title: Capacitated and Uncapacitated Facilities Location-Allocation Problem with Sensitive Prices, Stochastic Demands, and Inventory [Abstract]
Graduation Date: December 2005

Sang D. Choi, Ph.D., CPE

Sang D. Choi   Email Address:
Current Position: Associate Professor
Director, Center for Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Research
Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Research Areas:
Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Construction Ergonomics, Systems Safety, Occupational Safety & Health, Productivity Improvement, Costs of Injury and Illness
Dissertation Title: Psychophysically Derived Work Frequencies Associated with Roof Shingling Operations Involving Change in Grade [Abstract]
Graduation Date: 2003

Kurt F. Hayden, Ph.D

Kurt F. Hayden   Email Address:
Current Position: Vice President of Engineering and Technology
Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies
FAST Group - Houston
CDI Seals / EGC Plastics
Research Areas:
Robust injection molding process design, effective product and tool design, the thermal processing of plastic (from a tooling perspective)
Dissertation Title: Determining The Probability of the Visual Detection of Sink Marks On Differently Textured Injection-Molded Products [Abstract]
Graduation Date: December 2006

Anil R Kumar, Ph.D

Anil R Kumar   Email Address:
Research Areas:
Product design, work measurement and analysis, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, low back injuries, time and motion study, and safety
Dissertation Title: A study to investigate the relationship between a user’s thermal comfort and seat pan materials [Abstract]
Graduation Date: June 2007

David J Meade, Ph.D

  Email Address:
Current Position: Associate Professor
Department of Manufacturing Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Science
Western Michigan University
Research Areas: Facility Planning/Manufacturing Process design, Process and Financial Simulation, Economic Analysis, Lean Manufacturing
Dissertation Title: Modeling the strategic impact of management accounting methods on the implementation of lean manufacturing [Abstract]
Graduation Date: December 2004

Hardik Shah, Ph.D

David J Meade   Email Address:
Current Position: Supply Chain Business Analyst
Research Areas: Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Dissertation Title: Robust Kanban Design for a Lean Supply Chain [Abstract]
Graduation Date: June 2006

Jason S. Trahan, Ph.D

Jason Trahan   Email Address:
Current Position: Corporate Senior Quality Engineer
Fabri-Kal Corporation
Research Areas:
Decision support systems, Plastics Technology
Dissertation Title: Decision Support System in Product Development: A Bayesian Network Approach
for Injection Molded Products [Abstract]
Graduation Date: December 2006


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