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The key to any program is its faculty and staff. Western Michigan University's Department of Industrial and Entrepreneurial and Engineering Management has 16 full-time faculty members and several part-time faculty and adjunct professors. These faculty members are committed to providing the finest undergraduate programs, and the teaching and student support that defines these programs, in the Midwest.

They are also actively engaged in research that keeps them current with developments in their fields. Most faculty members have industrial work experience and appreciate both the applied and theoretical aspects of education.

Many of our faculty also teach at the Grand Rapids Graduate Center-Beltline facility

Steven Butt, Professor and Department Chair
Office: F-232 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3356
Specializations: Operations Research, Routing & Scheduling, Engineering Statistics
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Kailash Bafna, Professor
Office: E-212 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3355 
Specializations: Engineering Cost Analysis, Facilities Design, Quality Control, Material Handling
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Jerry Fiala, Faculty Specialist
Office: F-225 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3359 
Specializations: Technical Communication, Team / Small-Group Communication, Science News Writing and Journalism, Editing, and Photography
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Tycho Fredericks, Professor
Office: E-207 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3360 
Specializations: Industrial Ergonomics, Work Measurement and Design, Product Design and Development
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Tarun Gupta, Professor
Office: E-220 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3361 
Specializations: Robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Simulation
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Azim Houshyar, Professor
Office: E-219 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3363 
Specializations:Facilities Design, Operations Research, Reliability Engineering, Simulation Methodology
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David Lyth, Professor
Office: E-222 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3368
Specializations: Quality Management, Healthcare Engineering, Production/Operations Management, Service Management
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Larry Mallak, Professor
Office: E-228 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3369 
Specializations: Healthcare Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Organizational Culture Assessment and Change
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David Meade, Associate Professor
Office: E-204
Phone: 231-777-0593
Specializations: Manufacturing Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing, Facility Planning
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John Patten, Professor
Office: E-205 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3246
Specializations: Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Machining Simulations, Metrology, Materials (semiconductors and ceramics)
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Troy Place, Faculty Specialist II
Office: F-220 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3366 
Specializations: Technical Communications, Report Preparation
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Diana Prieto, Assistant Professor
Office: F-213 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3342 
Specializations: Disease Modeling and Surveillance, Agent-Based Simulation, Applied Statistical Analysis
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Thomas Swartz, Master Faculty Specialist
Office: F-224 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3376 
Specializations: Technical Communication, Report Writing
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Lee Wells, Professor
Office: E-208 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3371 
Specializations:Assembly System Modeling and Analysis, Manufacturing System Analytics, Process Monitoring, and Quality Control

Bob White, Professor
Office: E-216 Parkview Campus
Phone: 269-276-3379 
Specializations: Engineering Economy/Cost Analysis, Production and Operations Management
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