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Current Doctoral Students


Ashley Akerman
Email address:

Suresh Kumar Baskaran
Email address:
Research Interest: Lean and Green Manufacturing

James Burns
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Pongson Chunsorn
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Marylin N. Glass-Hedges
Email address:
Research Interest::The Lean Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing Relationship, and their influence in improved business results
Dissertation Title: Using Structural Equation Modeling to Propose A New Model for the Relationship Between Lean Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing

Shoruk Awad Youssef Mansour
Email address:

Joan Y. Martinez
Email address:

Stephanie N. Means
Email address:
Research Interest: Healthcare, Program and Personnel Evaluation
Courses Taught: IME 3050, IME 3150

Dariush Moradinezhad
Research Interest: Sand Testing System
Dissertation Title: Designing a New and Improved Sand Test System for the Foundries
Oscar H. Neal

Milton Soto-Ferrari
Email address:
Research Interest: Healthcare and Sustainability, Simulation, Operations Research.
Courses Taught:  IME 2610, IME 5160

Fehime Utkan
Email address:
Research Interest: Occupational Safety and Biomechanics, Human Factors in Aviation, Cognitive Ergonomics, Work Measurement
Courses Taught:  IME 2050, IME 2610, IME 3420, IME 4200, IME 5570, IME 6420
Dissertation Title: Objectively Determining Language-Related Communication Challenges In-Flight Operations

Micheal J. Wiersma