Community Engagement

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To provide high-quality solutions for the improvement of processes in healthcare and public health.


To be the leaders in continuous improvement of health systems in Southwest Michigan.


Application and consulting

  • Facility layout (re)design.
  • Workstation (re)design.
  • Operations analysis and process improvement.
  • Resource planning support tools.
  • Personnel scheduling support tools.
  • Design and implementation of quality systems.
  • Risk identification and analysis.
  • Model-based decision support.

Analytics tools

  • Statistical data analysis.
  • Control charts.
  • Multivariate regression models.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Data mining.
  • Design and analysis of experiments.
  • Survey design and analysis.
  • Computer-based systems simulation.
  • Optimization models.

Diagnostic tools

  • Time studies.
  • Work sampling and occurrence sampling.
  • Process mapping and standardization.
  • Survey studies.


  • Training on the topics above can also be provided through the HSDSL lab.