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Interdisciplinary Humanities Group

Human Rights Exploration Roundtable


To explore human rights at a conceptual level in an effort to flesh out ethical and political paradigms which will further our understanding of human rights theory on the local, state, national and international level. We will explore human rights theory from economic and social standpoints, as well as from a variety of political viewpoints and across various academic disciplines. We have created our group specifically to include and encourage the involvement and interaction between undergraduates and graduate students on these crucial issues. The involvement of undergraduates in an endeavor such as this we feel is an important part of their liberal arts education and as a result will strengthen their ability to engage in critical thinking in all of their WMU coursework and assist in preparing them for graduate school and the workplace of the 21st century. A significant goal of this project is to engage undergraduates fully in the academic community’s debates and in the prospect of conducting academic research in the future. The melding of minds from various academic disciplines should, it is hoped, give everyone new perspectives on the importance of human rights in our world and foster further interest in this timely topic.