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Position Number Index: 8500 - 8599




8506  Intercollegiate Athletics  Athletic Trainer 
8520  Public Safety Web Specialist
8523  Student Affairs Business Operations Director Business Operations
8525  College of Aviation  Administrative Assistant 
8528  College of Aviation  Director Recruitment and Outreach
8535  Mathematics  Project Manager
8538  Extended University Programs  Associate Director Marketing
8549  Paper/Printing Pilot Plant Paper Plant Operator
8551  Online Education Director Information Technology
8562  Chemical and Paper Engineering Printing Lab Technician 
8563  Sindecuse Health Center  Coordinator, Theatre for Community Health
8568  Sindecuse Health Center  Psychiatrist Physician 
8569  Student Financial Aid  Assistant Director Financial Services 
8576 Paper/Printing Pilot Plant Assistant Director Pilot Plants
8583  Evaluation Center  Project Manager 
8590 World Languages and Literatures Office Associate
8592  Public Safety  Lieutenant