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Position Number Index: 8300 - 8399




8305 Extended University Programs-Grand Rapids Coordinator Student Services
8309 West Hills Athletic Club Coordinator Membership and Marketing
8312 Human Resources Office Assistant
8313 Research, Office of the Vice President for Animal Care Technician
8314 Graduate College Office Coordinator
8321 Extended University Programs-Grand Rapids Director Conferences and Facilities
8323 Unified Clinics Supervisor USAC Programming
8327 Social Work, School of Clinical Director Children's Trauma Assessment Center
8331 College of Aviation Simulator/IT Technician
8335 Mallinson Institute for Science Education Coordinator Project Data
8337 College of Education and Human Development Administrative Assistant
8341 College of Arts and Sciences Advising Academic Advisor
8344 Development and Alumni Relations Director Planned and Estate Gifts
8348 Online Education Office Associate
8350 College of Health and Human Services Aftercare Treatment Monitor
8352 Statistics Office Coordinator
8361 West Hills Athletic Club Manager Sales
8381 Research, Office of the Vice President for Budget Analyst
8382 University Libraries Coordinator Special Collections
8385 Blindness and Low Vision Studies Office Associate