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Position Number Index: 3500 - 3599




3500 College of Arts and Sciences Office Coordinator
3501 Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management Office Coordinator
3502 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Office Coordinator
3503 Health Performance and Health Education Office Coordinator
3505 Civil and Construction Engineering

Office Coordinator

3506 Electrical and Computer Engineering Office Coordinator
3507 Facilities Management Budget Analyst Senior
3508 Communication Office Coordinator
3509 Social Work, School of Office Coordinator
3510 English Administrative Assistant Senior
3511 Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies Office Coordinator
3512 Bronson School of Nursing Office Coordinator
3513 Chemistry Administrative Assistant Senior
3514 Student Financial Aid Office Supervisor
3515 Admissions Office Supervisor
3516 Teacher Certification Office Associate
3517 Information Technology, Office of Technician IT
3520 West Hills Athletic Club Tennis Professional
3522 West Hills Athletic Club Personal Trainer
3524 Haworth College of Business Computing Support Specialist
3527 Faculty Senate Admin Faculty Senate Office
3528 International Affairs Director Overseas Programs
3529 Online Education Assistant Director Online Student Services
3530 Online Education Instructional Design Specialist
3531 Music, School of Piano Technician
3532 Information Technology, Office of Operations Analyst
3540 Information Technology, Office of Director Operations Workgroup Computing
3546 English Office Assistant