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Position Number Index: 3400 - 3499




3403 Information Services, Division of Student Affairs Database Administrator
3404 Valley No. 2 Dining Service Assistant Manager Dining Unit
3406 Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator Projects
3408 College of Aviation Aviation Maintenance Technician
3409 College of Aviation Assistant Chief Instructor/Manager Standards
3412 Miller Auditorium Supervisor Ticket Operations
3414 Evaluation Center Senior Technology Specialist
3418 Human Resources PS/HRMS Systems Analyst
3420 Institutional Research Business Intelligence Developer
3421 Graduate College Web Author
3423 West Hills Athletic Club Coordinator Junior Tennis
3424 West Hills Athletic Club Director Tennis
3427 Facilities Management-Construction Interior Designer
3432 Mathematics Office Associate
3436 Information Technology, Office of Classroom Technology Consultant Lead
3439 Graduate College Associate Director Graduate College
3445 Intercollegiate Athletics Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities
3446 College of Education and Human Development Academic Advisor-Community College Partnership
3452 Admissions Admissions Officer
3453 Research, Office of the Vice President for Executive Assistant
3456 Interdisciplinary Health Programs, School of Office Associate
3464 Facilities Management Executive Assistant
3467 Extended University Programs Administrative Assistant
3468 College of Aviation Office Associate
3469 Chemical and Paper Engineering Office Coordinator
3470 Admissions Web Analyst
3471 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs
3474 Evaluation Center Finance Analyst
3475 West Hills Athletic Club Finance Assistant
3476 College of Arts And Sciences Finance Analyst
3477 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Administrative Assistant
3478 Mallinson Institute for Science Education Finance Specialist
3479 University Libraries Manager Operations
3481 Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies Office Assistant
3482 College of Education and Human Development Administrative Assistant
3483 Special Education and Literacy Studies Office Assistant
3484 Lewis Walker Institute for Race and Ethnic Relations Administrative Assistant
3487 Spanish Administrative Assistant
3488 Residence Life Office Coordinator
3489 Speech Pathology and Audiology Office Coordinator
3490 Physician Assistant Office Coordinator
3491 Occupational Therapy Manager OT/PA College Services
3492 Special Education and Literacy Studies Office Coordinator
3493 Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Office Coordinator
3494 Blindness and Low Vision Studies Office Coordinator
3495 Development and Alumni Relations Administrative Assistant
3496 Sindecuse Health Center Office Coordinator
3497 University Relations, Office of Office Coordinator
3498 Evaluation Center Coordinator Evaluation Center
3499 Gwen Frostic School of Art Administrative Coordinator