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Position Number Index: 2800 - 2899




2806 Unified Clinics Office Assistant
2807 Disability Services, Center for Office Assistant
2815 University Recreation Director Recreation Program Facilities
2820 Mathematics Project Manager
2828 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Advisor Upward Bound
2831 Evaluation Center Assistant to Director
2837 Extended University Programs-Battle Creek and Lansing Coordinator Conference Services
2838 Extended University Programs-Battle Creek and Lansing Office Associate
2851 Auxiliary Enterprises Director Auxiliary Enterprises
2854 Accounting Accounting Services Analyst
2864 Admissions Admissions Officer
2868 Mathematics Finance Specialist
2871 Geosciences Office Associate
2873 Information Technology, Office of Supervisor Help Desk
2888 College of Health and Human Services Director Unified Clinic
2894 Fetzer Center Chef
2899 University Libraries Systems Support Specialist