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Position Number Index: 2300 - 2399




2301 Information Technology, Office of Director Information Technology Policy and Communication
2303 College of Fine Arts Director Academic Advising
2307 Facilities Management Manager Network
2309 Facilities Management-Maintenance Services Manager Maintenance Services
2310 Facilities Management-Construction Construction Administrator
2311 Facilities Management-Maintenance Services Coordinator CAD and Facilities Documents
2312 Facilities Management-Maintenance Services Supervisor Maintenance Services
2315 Disability Services, Center for Case Manager
2316 College of Education and Human Development Academic Advisor
2319 Investments and Endowment Management Assistant to Investment Officer
2320 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Office Associate
2335 Facilities Management Budget Analyst
2336 College of Education and Human Development Academic Advisor
2337 Admissions Office Assistant
2341 Finance, Office of the Associate Vice President for Manager Financial Projects
2345 Development and Alumni Relations Systems Specialist
2346 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Coordinator Lab
2349 Facilities Management-Construction Construction Administrator
2352 Facilities Management-Landscape Services Manager Landscape Projects
2355 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Assistant Director, Multicultural Affairs
2357 Disability Services, Center for Art Activities Specialist
2359 Public Safety Parking Clerk
2360 Payroll and Disbursements Finance Assistant
2363 Public Safety Environmental Specialist
2365 Disability Services, Center for Skills Training Specialist I
2367 Public Safety Industrial Hygienist
2369 Intercollegiate Athletics Associate Athletic Director
2371 University Relations, Office of Graphic Designer
2373 Music, School of Manager Music Sound Studio
2375 Finance, Office of the Associate Vice President for Manager Corporate Reporting and Taxation
2377 University Libraries Library Assistant Senior
2378 Environmental Studies Coordinator Environmental Studies
2382 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Director Rosa Parks Program
2383 Medieval Institute Finance Specialist
2384 University Libraries Manager Resource Sharing
2385 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Assistant Director Multicultural Affairs
2390 Facility Management-Building Custodial and Support Services Supervisor Custodial Services
2392 Information Technology, Office of LAN Specialist II
2393 Information Technology, Office of Program Lead
2399 Information Technology, Office of Programmer Analyst