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Position Number Index: 0500 - 0599




0500 Admissions Coordinator Transfer Admissions
0501 Admissions Credit Evaluator
0502 Admissions Lead Credit Evaluator
0503 Admissions Coordinator Data Admissions
0504 Admissions Associate Director Admissions Operations
0505 Enrollment Management, Office of the Associate Provost for Administrative Budget Specialist
0506 Admissions Applications Processor
0507 Admissions Administrative Assistant Senior
0508 Admissions Credit Evaluator
0509 Admissions Applications Processor
0510 Admissions Office Assistant
0512 Admissions Applications Processor
0513 Admissions Credit Evaluator
0514 Admissions Office Assistant
0520 Academic Success Programs, Center for Director Academic Skills Center
0521 Academic Success Programs, Center for Director Writing Lab
0524 Multicultural Affairs, Division of Assistant Director Multicultural Affairs
0527 Academic Success Programs, Center for Director Center for Academic Success Programs
0528 Registrar's Office Coordinator Data/Curriculum Support
0530 Registrar's Office Office Coordinator
0532 Registrar's Office Academic Auditor
0533 Registrar's Office Senior Associate Registrar
0536 Registrar's Office Office Assistant
0537 Registrar's Office Coordinator VA
0539 Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Office Associate
0540 Gwen Frostic School of Art Supervisor Art Shop
0542 Registrar's Office Clerk
0544 Registrar's Office Clerk
0545 Registrar's Office Academic Auditor
0546 Registrar's Office Academic Auditor
0547 Registrar's Office Academic Auditor
0548 Registrar's Office Clerk
0549 Registrar's Office Clerk
0553 Registrar's Office Academic Auditor
0554 Registrar's Office Associate Registrar Senior
0557 Registrar's Office Office Supervisor
0558 Registrar's Office Coordinator Scheduling-Registrar
0561 Registrar's Office Clerk
0562 College of Education and Human Development Academic Advisor
0563 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Office Assistant
0564 Haworth College of Business Director Academic Advising
0565 Haworth College of Business Manager MBA MSA Global Program Business Center
0566 Haworth College of Business Academic Advisor
0567 Haworth College of Business Office Associate
0570 Student Affairs, Office of the Vice President for Executive Assistant
0572 Disability Services for Students Director Disabled Student Services
0578 Student Activities and Leadership Office Coordinator
0579 Student Activities and Leadership Assistant Director
0581 First Year Experience Program Coordinator Fall Welcome
0588 University Recreation Coordinator Intramural/Recreation
0589 University Recreation Coordinator Memberships
0590 First Year Experience Program Coordinator Orientation
0593 Sindecuse Health Center Assistant Director Health Promotion
0597 Haenicke Institute for Global Education International Student Admissions Counselor