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Position Number Index: 0200 - 0299




0200 Gwen Frostic School of Art Office Assistant
0202 Dance Office Coordinator
0204 Music, School of Director Concerts
0207 Music, School of Coordinator Music Budgets
0211 Music, School of Office Assistant
0212 Music, School of Office Assistant
0213 Music, School of Office Associate
0214 Music, School of Office Associate
0217 Theatre Technical Director/Shop Supervisor
0218 Theatre Director of Audience Services
0221 Theatre Coordinator Theatre Budgets
0222 College of Health and Human Services Administrative Specialist
0223 College of Health and Human Services Office Associate
0231 Social Work, School of Academic Advisor
0233 Occupational Therapy Office Assistant
0234 Social Work, School of Office Associate
0238 Speech Pathology and Audiology Technician Speech Pathology
0240 Disability Services, Center for Finance Analyst
0242 Speech Pathology and Audiology Office Associate
0243 College of Health and Human Services Academic Advisor
0244 University Ombuds Administrative Assistant
0250 Graduate College Coordinator Graduate Appointments
0254 Chemical and Paper Engineering Research Associate Paper Science
0256 College of Education and Human Development Webmaster
0258 Haworth College of Business Recruitment and Retention Officer
0259 Medieval Institute Finance Clerk Senior
0262 WMUK Radio News Producer and Announcer-Education and Government
0263 Programmer Analyst Auxiliary Enterprises
0265 WMUK Radio Chief Engineer Radio
0266 WMUK Radio Announcer/Producer
0267 Evaluation Center Project Manager
0272 Extended University Programs-Southwest Coordinator Student Services
0276 Extended University Programs Coordinator Conferences and Seminars
0283 Academic Success Programs, Center for Office Associate
0286 University Libraries Regional History Curator
0287 University Libraries Office Associate
0288 University Libraries Archives Curator
0290 University Libraries Director Library Operational Services
0295 University Libraries Library Assistant
0296 University Libraries Coordinator Fast Cataloging
0297 University Libraries Coordinator Database Maintenance Library
0298 University Libraries Coordinator Resource Sharing
0299 University Libraries Library Assistant