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Position Number Index: 0100 - 0199




0102 Spanish Office Associate
0104 Disability Services, Center for Case Manager
0106 Philosophy Office Associate
0110 Anthropology Office Associate
0111 Disability Services, Center for Lead Direct Support Professional
0113 Gender and Women's Studies Administrative Assistant
0115 Public Affairs and Administration, School of Office Coordinator
0120 Economics Office Assistant
0121 Economics Office Coordinator
0125 History Office Coordinator
0126 History Office Assistant
0131 Political Science Office Assistant
0132 Political Science Office Coordinator
0134 Sociology Academic Advisor
0136 Sociology Office Assistant
0137 Sociology Office Coordinator
0142 Biological Sciences Office Associate
0144 Biological Sciences Laboratory Assistant
0145 Biological Sciences Office Coordinator
0146 Chemistry Finance Specialist
0150 Chemistry Coordinator Laboratory
0152 Chemistry Supervisor Chemistry Electrical Shop
0153 Chemistry Manager Chemistry Laboratories
0154 Chemistry Office Associate
0158 Geography Office Associate
0159 Geography Office Coordinator
0162 Geosciences Administrative Assistant
0164 Mathematics Coordinator Scheduling and Advising
0168 Mathematics Office Associate
0169 Mathematics Office Coordinator
0170 Mathematics Office Assistant
0171 Physics Engineer Accelerator
0173 Physics Manager Physics Laboratories
0174 Physics Supervisor Physics Machine Shop
0175 Physics Supervisor Electronics Lab Physics
0177 Physics Office Coordinator
0178 Physics Office Assistant
0181 Psychology Office Coordinator
0183 Psychology Academic Advisor
0185 Haworth College of Business Business Consultant Senior
0186 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Director Recruitment and Outreach
0187 Blindness and Low Vision Studies Office Associate
0188 Mallinson Institute for Science Education Office Coordinator
0190 Accounts Receivable Coordinator Payment Plan
0192 Gwen Frostic School of Art Manager Design Center
0194 Gwen Frostic School of Art Academic Advisor
0195 Gwen Frostic School of Art Director Exhibitions
0199 Gwen Frostic School of Art Office Associate