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PPM Section 3 - Employment Practices: Pre-Employment Physical Exams

All candidates for positions which have physical and/or health related job requirements are required to pass a pre-employment physical exam after a conditional offer of employment is made. Employment is contingent upon successfully passing the physical exam.

After employment, employees holding positions that require a valid chauffeur's/commercial motor vehicle license will be required to pass a physical examination and be certified as qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle every twenty-four (24) months.

Other University positions may require a physical exam or specific health tests as prescribed by regulatory agencies.


  1. The hiring department notifies Human Resources of the conditional offer of employment.
  2. Human Resources will schedule the physical exam appointment date and notify the hiring agent and the candidate.
  3. On the day of the appointment, the prospective employee reports to Human Resources to secure the physical form and proceeds to the Sindecuse Health Center.
  4. Upon completion of the exam, the health center will inform the individual of the results and fax the post-offer, pre-placement report of physical ability to perform requirements of position form to Human Resources. The completed physical exam form will be retained by Sindecuse Health Center to protect patient confidentiality.
  5. Human Resources will notify the hiring department of the health center's determination.