Employment Practices: Employee Retention Pool

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3

The purpose of the employee retention pool is to provide a short-term employment "safety net" for Western Michigan University employees who have transferred to a new position but who then fail to successfully complete their probationary period.

  1. All regular status, staff compensation system employees are eligible for this program. Placement in the retention pool is voluntary and results from an agreement between the employee, the employing department, and Human Resources.
  2. To be eligible, employees must have had satisfactory performance in their position prior to transfer and have a minimum of one year of service as a benefits-eligible employee.
  3. Retention pool candidates are identified by the director of human resource services or the associate vice president for institutional equity.
  4. Employees may be retained in the retention pool until they obtain a new position within the University or for 90 calendar days, whichever occurs first.
  5. While in the retention pool, employees will have priority placement status. Human Resources will attempt to place employees in any vacancy for which they are qualified, prior to consideration of internal or external candidates. However, the burden to seek job placement rests with the employee, and must not be limited by the employee to only those positions identified by Human Resources.
  6. Employees in the retention pool will be assigned work at the discretion of Human Resources and will be supervised by the director of human resource services. They may be assigned to work in any department where a temporary work need exists. Such work assignments will be reasonably similar to their previous experience.
  7. The pay of employees assigned to the retention pool will be the same as they were receiving in their last satisfactory position, or their current position, whichever is less.
  8. The department which employed the retention pool candidate will fund placement in the pool; transfer of funds will be arranged by Human Resources and University Budgets and Financial Planning.
  9. The evaluation record of the employee's performance in the unsatisfactory position will be withdrawn from his/her personnel file if the employee transfers to another position and successfully completes the probationary period in the new position.
  10. Employees may use the retention pool only once in any 12-month period, beginning on the date of placement in the pool.
  11. If the employee does not secure another University position after 90 days, employment with the University is terminated. The employee may be eligible for annual leave payoff.

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