Navigating the BCBSM Website

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Choosing a Community Blue PPO Network Provider

Members can find Community Blue PPO network providers on Simply select the Find a Doctor button on the lower left side of the page. Search for physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers in the Community Blue PPO network. Members can also search for providers who participate in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's traditional network.

View Shop for Care guide to learn how to compare and choose a health care provider.

Viewing your Benefit Chart

Issued by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, your Benefit Chart provides information on how to use the Community Blue PPO, benefits and services covered by the plan, and ways you can minimize out-of-pocket medical costs. Details of your prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage are also included in this guide.

For health care benefit details, access your Benefit Chart at (see below).

  • Go to
  • Select Login in the upper right corner, then select Log in as a: Member.
  • Enter your user name and password and click Login. Tip for first time users: Have your Blue Cross Blue Shield card handy.
  • Click on My Coverage, then What's Covered. Select Medical, Prescription Drugs, Dental or Vision to open your Benefit Chart.
  • Click on Download your Benefits or scroll down the page.

Additional resources

For help understanding the common terms of health care and how your plan works, view the Understanding the Language of Health Care guide.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers Health and Wellness programs for members to help them meet their health and wellness goals. Detailed information can be found below: