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David W. Rudge
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (History and Philosophy of Science)
M.S., University of Pittsburgh (Biology)

Associate Professor | Department of Biological Sciences & The Mallinson Institute for Science Education
History and Philosophy of Biology, Science Education

Department of Biological Sciences &
The Mallinson Institute for Science Education
Wood Hall 3134

website | interview | david [dot] rudge [at] wmich [dot] edu

HPS Research Interests
I am pursuing research in how history and philosophy of science can promote the learning and teaching of science (see Teaching Statement). I am also pursuing an indepth examination of a particular episode in the history of evolutionary biology, H.B.D. Kettlewell's famous studies of industrial melanism using the peppered moth, Biston betularia, during the 1950s. I am particularly interested in how this episode has been and should be depicted to the public.

HPS Teaching Interests
I teach SCI 6140 Science: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives, an introductory course in history and philosophy of evolutionary biology. At the undergraduate level (BIOS 1700 Life Science for Elementary Educators I), I have developed or assisted with the development of three curriculum units based on the history of biology (William Harvey's discovery of the circulation of blood, H.B.D. Kettlewell's studies of industrial melanism, and Anthony Allison's work on sickle cell anemia). In each case, I am exploring how history of science can be used instrumentally to promote conceptual change, with special attention to issues associated with the nature of science.

HPS Representative Publications
Rudge, D.W. (1998) A Bayesian Analysis of Strategies in Evolutionary Biology. Perspectives on Science 6(4): 341-360.
Rudge, D.W. (1999) Taking the Peppered Moth with a Grain of Salt. Biology and Philosophy 14(1): 9-37.
Rudge, D.W. (2000) The Complementary Roles of Observation and Experiment: Th. Dobzhansky's Genetics of Natural Populations IX and XII. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 22: 167-186.
Rudge, D.W. (2001) Kettlewell From an Error Statistician's Point of View. Perspectives on Science 9(1): 59-77.
Rudge, D.W. (2003) The Role of Photographs and Films in Kettlewell's Popularizations of the Phenomenon of Industrial Melanism. Science & Education 12(3): 261-287.
Rudge, D.W. (2005) The Beauty of Kettlewell's Classic Experimental Demonstration of Natural Selection. BioScience 55(4): 369-375.
Rudge, D.W. (2005) Did Kettlewell Commit Fraud? Re-examining the Evidence. Public Understanding of Science 14(3): 249-268.
Howe, E.M. and Rudge, D.W. (2005) Recapitulating the History of Sickle-Cell Anemia Research: Improving Students' NOS Views Explicitly and Reflectively. Science & Education 14(3-5): 423-441.

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