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Lewis Pyenson
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Professor | Department of History
Science and Value, History of Science

Department of History

website | interview | lewis [dot] pyenson [at] wmich [dot] edu

HPS Research Interests
Lewis Pyenson has directed his attention to social history of the exact sciences. He is author of five books in history of mathematics and science, editor of Leopold Infeld’s memoirs, and recently coeditor of a collection about the popularization of physics in the 18th century. He is coauthor of Servants of Nature: A History of Scientific Institutions, Enterprises, and Sensibilities (1999). He sits on the editorial boards of Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, History of Science, Saber y tiempo, and Historia Scientiarum. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of the History of Science (Paris). In press with the Memoirs series of the American Philosophical Society is a study of Mabel Elwes Sarton and George Sarton. He has begun a project on the history of images of the sky.

HPS Teaching Interests
Lewis Pyenson has taught survey courses in history of science, world civilization, and ethics. Thematic seminars include topics in modern science, the extension of Western learning, and historiography. Recent courses have also focused on science in Louisiana, ethics and the apocalyptic vision, and science and ethics.

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