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Patrick Lin
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Adjunct Assistant Professor | Department of Philosophy
History and Philosophy of Technology, Ethics of Emerging Technologies (esp. nanotechnology and artificial intelligence)

Department of Philosophy

website | interview | patrick [at] nanoethics [dot] org

HPS Research Interests
Because history is such a critical guide for many disciplines such as politics and economics, it is no surprise that it is also indispensible for evaluating emerging technologies. For instance, lessons from spitting the atom and biotechnology can help scientists, legislators, industry stakeholders, ethicists and the broader public better manage the direction of science research and policy - anticipating challenges to avoid previous missteps. Nanotechnology is a core focus, since it enables many other technologies, raising questions related to human enhancement, privacy, regulation, medicine, global security, economic disruption, space exploration, artificial intelligence, humanitarian efforts and more.

HPS Teaching Interests
N/A - research only at this stage.

HPS Representative Publications

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