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Arthur Falk
Ph.D., Yale University

Professor Emeritus | Department of Philosophy
Philosophy of Science

Department of Philosophy
3017 Moore Hall

website | interview | arthur [dot] falk [at] wmich [dot] edu

HPS Research Interests
Research interests in the philosophy of science include scientific method, particularly the incorporation of a concept of closeness-to-the-whole-truth (verisimilitude) and interpreting scientific method in terms of a decision theory in which probabilities are rational degrees of belief; also defenses of scientific realism, naturalism, and Darwinianism, especially in light of the inevitability of acknowledging the recalcitrant fact of consciousness of information in scientific theories of mind that are not reductionist, such as decision theory and game theory.

HPS Teaching Interests
I am retired, so I offer only occasional reading groups and courses, the next one being a close reading, with qualified students, of James M. Joyce, The Foundations of Causal Decision Theory (1999).

HPS Representative Publications

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