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The research areas of individual HPS-affiliated faculty can be found in their faculty profiles (have this linked to that page), but we also wanted to highlight some of the areas that our faculty share (and, in many cases, on which they collaborate). Below are listed four such areas, as well as the faculty members who work within those areas.

Philosophy of the Special Sciences
While many of us work in various traditional areas within the philosophy of science, we also have research areas and expertise in the so-called philosophy of the special sciences. Traditionally, the special sciences have either been defined against generalized scientific methodology or else against philosophy of physics, but we understand them in the former regard. Through most of the 20th century, the philosophy of the special sciences (perhaps excepting the philosophy of physics) was a largely neglected field of inquiry however, during the last twenty years of that century and certainly into the current one, there has been an explosion of interest in it; now many of its sub-disciplines rival traditional philosophy of science for practitioners, research output, etc. Among our faculty, we have interests in the following: philosophy of biology; philosophy of the cognitive sciences; philosophy of logic; philosophy of mathematics; philosophy of physics; and philosophy of probability. Courses are offered in some of these areas at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and many of our faculty are contributing essays to a forthcoming anthology entitled Philosophy of the Special Sciences. (Allhoff, Dilworth, McGrew, Smith, White)

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